Next Club meeting is July 21st. Satruday night BBQ meet! 6-8PM With BBQ included
We will provide burgers and hotdogs, you provide a side (if you choose), potluck style. BYOD.
See you there!

509 NW Everett St. Portland OR
Lets make it a big one, save the date ya'll and come with your Datsun or not.
Datsun hamburgers are the best!

Thanks for all that came out to the 12th annual DatsunsNW Canby car show in 2017
Featuring John Morton!

It was an amazing time, and many would say the best DatsunsNW show ever!

For a taste of how amazing it was, be sure and check out these wonderfully great videos shot at the show by Datsuncrush:

Canby 2017: 3 Days of Datsuns

An Evening with John Morton.

Datsun Trucks at Canby 2017

Be sure to click here for more work by Datsuncrush

Reserve the dates, Canby 2018 is on!
PETER and GAYLE BROCK will be the featured guests!
Last year we had John Morton, this year its the living legend Peter Brock!
BRE, Daytona Cobra, Stingray, the list goes won't want to miss it! June 8-10, 2018

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A warm thanks to former President Dave Bothwell

"Wagon" Dave Bothwell has been the top banana for DatsunsNW and the chief engineer of the Canby show for a decade. Without all the hard work he and his family put into this club, we would have never enjoyed our success in the past.

We are a growing group of Datsun enthusiasts based in the Pacific Northwest. If you're interested in becoming a member or just meeting other Datsun people, come to a cruise or a meeting and see what we're all about.

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